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What the heck is Send to Kindle?kindle-fire

Send to Kindle is application designed by Amazon (the makers of the Kindle). You install it on your computer, and from there are able to right click on any MOBI file to — you guessed it — send it electronically (with no wires!) to your kindle device.


Why would I need this?

Because it’s so freaking easy!

Seriously, though, we all sometimes buy a MOBI file from a venue other than Amazon. Whether that venue is Smashwords, or directly from an author’s website, sometimes it is difficult to figure out the easiest way to get that MOBI file onto your kindle. The Send to Kindle application is a lifesaver.


How do I get it?

  1. Go to Amazon’s “Send to Kindle” page.
  2. Figure out how you want to send files  (your options are from your browser, desktop, email, or Android device). I personally find the desktop option is easiest, so that’s what the rest of these instructions help with.
  3. Choose your computer type (Mac, Windows, etc.)
  4. Download the file
  5. Run the installation wizard when it pops up
  6. Hum a tune while it installs


How do I use it?

After installing Send to Kindle on your computer (see above)…

  1. Browse to the MOBI file on your computer
  2. Right click on the file
  3. Choose “Send to Kindle” option
  4. Rejoice, for thou hast sent the file and completed the quest.


A Note on MOBI Files

MOBI files are exclusive to Kindle and sometimes it can be intimidating to buy a MOBI file that isn’t through Amazon, but with these options, you no longer need to fear the possibility that you won’t be able to get it onto your Kindle.

Do you have an ePub file to transfer to a device?

I have more How-To’s in the links below:

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8 Responses

  1. Haven’t tried it yet. I’m still wrapping my head around using Calibre to convert MOBI to MOBI…. I am not a really big fan of computers, so it’s taking me a while to learn how to manage to get a safari safely through a computer trek. It’s sort of like living in a huge mansion, or a castle, where you know your little area very well, but everything beyond that is a dark mystery… I can do certain things on the computer, but many others I haven’t a clue for yet–but I’m learning! Oh, and I’m 71 years old. I just got a Kindle app a couple of months ago and I’m building my library as quickly as possible. I have eclectic tastes, favoring fantasy and murder mystery, but I also like Regency romance and cook books, American and foreign. I like trying new authors and giving reviews and encouraging those authors (how else are you going to keep getting more books?). I usually review on Goodreads and Amazon. I haven’t done anything with Facebook, Twitter or the like yet, but that may be down the road. Meanwhile, I’ve got to get busy reading!

  2. Wow. Thanks for this info! You don’t know how many of these files I have lurking on my computer…languishing really. I can’t wait to see if this works.

  3. Send-to-Kindle is great and I probably use it at least once a day. I mainly do it through email (since I send multiple files at a time), but I also have the extension on Chrome so I can read blog posts and articles on my Kindle 🙂

    One thing I’d like to point out for your readers: You can’t always send a mobi downloaded from Smashwords this way. For some reason (and Amazon denied any knowledge of why, when I asked) Amazon sends out an error email for files from SW (90% of the time). This wasn’t an issue about a year ago though.

    To get around this, I use Calibre to convert the mobi…to mobi (dumb right?). I guess it strips the file of whatever Amazon doesn’t like. But it works no problem after that. 🙂

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