Boyce Nation 2020

I’d like to try something new. On a regular basis, I want to start updating you on what’s going on in my writing sphere and get you some behind-the-scenes insight on what I’m working on. I’ve been a little distant, lately. With so many pans in the fire, one thing … Read More

Seeing the Northern Lights in the Arctic

Alaska. The word alone conjures images of snow. Of the mountains. Of a world apart, the last frontier, a place where nature is not yet wholly conquered. And for now, in the farthest reaches of the state that is accessible only by 8-seater bush plane, we can still see her … Read More

October Frights Blog Hop – Horror at its finest (and free-est!)

*spooky voice* Ready for some frightful fun? *OoOooOoh* Oh, I know. This time of year everything is so hopelessly horror-themed it’s almost funny. But bear with me. This one is actually fun! I’m giving away a signed paperback copy of my debut ghostly horror novel, Ari. It’s the first in the To … Read More