“That’s not okay.”

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  “That’s not okay.” Those are three of the most powerful words in your vocabulary. I urge you to use them, even when you’re scared. Even when you’re not entirely sure of the consequence of speaking your mind. Use those words. Speak up. Be brave. Don’t lose hope… even one voice can start a ripple of thought that becomes a revolution powered by compassion and empathy. That could be YOUR voice. Remember that you matter. Your voice matters. You have strength. You’re not a flickering candle. You’re a fucking bonfire. Be brave. Use those words. “That’s not okay.” If you … Read More

I spoke with the next generation of authors… and they’re awesome.

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The bad news: I’m old enough to talk about the next generation of authors. The good news: they’re going to change the world. In October, I had the privilege to visit Windward High School, a local school with not only a creative writing class, but an after school club as well. Talk about envy! When I was in high school, the closest we had was an advanced composition class, and that was about it. In fact, so few people even knew about the class that when I got an award from my teacher for a story I wrote, the school secretary wrote “Excels … Read More

October Frights Blog Hop – Horror at its finest (and free-est!)

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*spooky voice* Ready for some frightful fun? *OoOooOoh* Oh, I know. This time of year everything is so hopelessly horror-themed it’s almost funny. But bear with me. This one is actually fun! I’m giving away a signed paperback copy of my debut ghostly horror novel, Ari. It’s the first in the To Each His Ghost series. And to boot, there’s an entire blog hop of MORE great giveaways. You really can’t lose here. To enter my giveaway, use the Rafflecopter below. To enter the other giveaways, scroll down to the blog hop. And of course, for more info on Ari, scroll down for the book … Read More

S. M. Boyce reveals what inspired the various magical races in her epic fantasy adventure, the Grimoire Saga

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The Grimoire Saga is a magical story set in the world of Ourea, which is connected to our modern day world through portals called Lichgates. If you’ve read Lichgates (Grimoire Saga #1 and free in eBook form at the time of this post), you know all about this world and its creatures. If not, what are you waiting for? Dive in and get th book free. I got a question from a fan recently about how I came up with the magical races in the Grimoire Saga, and I finally had a chance to film a video answer.

An Epic Fantasy & Sci-Fi Combo Giveaway (8 free books)

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(August 20 – 26) Four Sci-Fi books. Four fantasy books. Grab all eight for free! You’ll be taken to Instafreebie, where you’ll get your free books via email. Sounds easy, right? Because it is! The authors participating in this joint giveaway may check in now and again, but will never spam you. PLUS –> Enter an Amazon gift card giveaway! Take me there!