Wraithblade Saga Book 5: Wraith of Resurrection

Wraithblade Saga

Saldia is an ancient and dangerous land that lives beneath the glow of its twin moons. Home to dragons, blightwolves, and the notorious Discovered, Saldia’s people are no strangers to murderous threats in the night. Others seek the magical reagents that blanket the enchanted realm, each of which react in unique ways to the legendary spellgust ore. Master the reagents, and you master magic. It’s as simple — and deadly — as that.


Wraithblade Saga #1

Are you the hunter—or the prey?

The Ancient Woods of Saldia hold secrets. The gnarled oaks are home to murderers, slavers, and the legendary blightwolves that ravage the countryside by the light of the twin moons.

In a world of rabid wolves the size of horses, not-so-extinct dragons, and magical reagents that grow over every inch of the land, tonight is unique.

Tonight, a merciless king dies alone in the forest.

Tonight, an usurper rises from within the ranks of the king’s trusted noblemen.

Tonight, ancient enchantments are unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

At the center of it all is the most ruthless and powerful magic this land has ever seen—the Wraith King, a once-dead warlord brought back by the most formidable necromancer to ever live.

As a specter of death, the Wraith King cannot exist without a host. Deep amongst the trunks of a long-forgotten forest, he just found his next master. But as the weeks blur by, the question arises: will the mortal remain in control, or will the ghost overtake the man who controls his power?

Are you ready to wield the Wraithblade?

Gather your allies and pray to your gods if you have them, because it’s time to find out.

Strap in for the ride of your life as you experience heart-pounding adventure, brutal close-quarter battles, and an elaborate magical world that will leave you reeling with endless possibilities. Hero or villain? Champion or corpse? Legend, or just another man forgotten by the pages of history? Choose your path wisely. You won’t get a second chance.

Wraithblade Saga Book 1: Wraithblade

Wraith of Kings

Wraithblade Saga #2

The Widowed Queen seeks her throne.

Like her husband, it was taken from her.

Connor Magnuson, Wraithblade of Saldia and master of the Wraith King, stands in her way.

Masterful lies and elaborate deceits have been expertly woven into the fabric of Saldia itself, so entombed in its history that no one can tell truth from fiction anymore. Unseen masterminds work the strings of kings and queens alike, and they alone are the skillful puppeteers who truly rule this land.

To his dismay, Connor’s existence is no longer a secret.

The world knows about the insatiable power that fused with him, and nearly every kingdom wants his head on a spike. Anyone close to him is in danger. He and his friends must tread carefully, as any breath could be their last.

Those who have wielded the power of the Wraith King in the past have always become kings themselves. The cities of Saldia whisper forbidden names to each other, preparing for the worst. Preparing for conquest.

Preparing for Connor.

As the whispers grow louder, a new challenger steps from the shadows.

It appears the Wraith King is not the only cursed soul brought back from the dead—nor is Connor the only other mortal to wield ungodly power.

There are others, and their masters are coming.

Whether he likes it or not, Connor stands in the eye of a brutal storm, one that threatens to fracture the foundation on which his home has been built.

This will not end peacefully.

This will end as all Saldian conflicts end: with broken skulls strewn across the blood-soaked grass. With cities reduced to rubble, and families ripped apart.

As troops assemble across the Saldian plains, Connor must stand before an army unlike anything the world has seen.

Once a peasant, he’s now a champion for those the world has tossed aside.

Connor isn’t a man of war, but he will finish whatever others are foolish enough to start.

Together, he and his allies will rise—not just for their own survival, but for the future of Saldia.

This land is not for the faint of heart. Should you journey here, do so wisely… for it well might be in flames by the time you arrive.

The Wraithblade calls you to war.

Will you answer?

Wraithblade Saga Book 2: Wraith of Kings

Wraith of War

Wraithblade Saga #3

Wraithblade Saga Book 3: Wraith of War

Wraith of Chaos

Wraithblade Saga #4

Description coming soon…

Wraithblade Saga Book 4: Wraith of Chaos

Wraith of Resurrection

Wraithblade Saga #5

Description coming soon…

Wraithblade Saga Book 5: Wraith of Resurrection