S. M. Boyce reveals what inspired the various magical races in her epic fantasy adventure, the Grimoire Saga

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The Grimoire Saga is a magical story set in the world of Ourea, which is connected to our modern day world through portals called Lichgates. If you’ve read Lichgates (Grimoire Saga #1 and free in eBook form at the time of this post), you know all about this world and its creatures. If not, what are you waiting for? Dive in and get th book free. I got a question from a fan recently about how I came up with the magical races in the Grimoire Saga, and I finally had a chance to film a video answer.

‪#‎SpringFlingAudio‬ Giveaway: Audiobooks up for grabs!

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Have you tried audiobooks yet? If not, this is your chance. Authors all over the internet are giving away copies of their audiobooks this month. I’m giving away a bundle of my three audiobooks which can be redeemed through Audible. The bundle includes Lichgates, Treason, and The Misanthrope. The winner will receive a special code for each book which will enable the free download. I’m so excited to participate in this fun event and I hope you find tons of audiobook deals and giveaways. To find more giveaways like this, just search Facebook or Twitter for the #SpringFlingAudio hashtag. Here’s a … Read More

New Release! ARI: A Ghostly Paranormal Horror Novel

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Happy Valentine’s Day! I bet you’re wondering what on earth possessed me to release a horror novel on a day known for romance and fluffy stuff. Well, you’ll see exactly what possessed me when you read Ari: To Each His Ghost #1. Here’s what the book is all about. And, fair warning, it’s darker than what you usually see from me. Ari To Each His Ghost #1 A Ghostly Paranormal Horror Novel The moment Ari Bowers stepped inside the abandoned farmhouse on the outskirts of White Haven, Pennsylvania, she wanted to hightail it out of there like the ghost-fearing girl she … Read More

Terrifying Teaser Tuesdays: Ari (To Each His Ghost series #1)

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Ready for a Valentine’s Day treat like no other? I’m about ready to release my first paranormal horror novel, Ari (To Each His Ghost #1), on Valentine’s Day–because why the hell not? Book Description A crumbling farmhouse lies on the outskirts of the sleepy borough of White Haven, Pennsylvania. No one lives there anymore, but it’s never been empty. Ari Bowers is a nerdy high school junior with a crush on the Varsity wide receiver and a healthy fear of the paranormal. When her crush Marcus Wagner takes her on a date-gone-wrong to the local haunted farmhouse, her fear is tested. … Read More

Meet the narrator of the new Lichgates audiobook (and find out how to get a copy!)

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Over the last few months, I’ve experienced one of the coolest things an author can experience and I can’t wait to share it with you. Lichgates (Grimoire Saga #1) has been made into a phenomenal audiobook with the help of a talented audiobook producer. (Who happens to share a name with the main character, Kara!) Yes. You read that right. In the search for the perfect voice to lend a voice to my main character, Kara Magari and the other characters in the Grimoire Saga, I found a wonderful voice artist who happened to have the same first name. Fun, … Read More

Grimoire Saga Epic Deals Week (you do NOT want to miss this)

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I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for all the amazing support I get from readers of Lichgates and the rest of the books in the Grimoire Saga. To give thanks and to give you a chance to grab a book or two that may be missing from your Grimoire Saga digital collection, I decided to have an Amazon sale of EPIC proportions.  The Schedule of Deals Below you’ll find a handy graphic that announces the deals this week. If you’re just now being introduced to the series, or if you’ve been waiting to get the second, third or fourth book, … Read More

New Release | The Misanthrope: Stone’s Story is now available!

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After I finished the Grimoire Saga, I wasn’t quite ready to leave Ourea behind yet. Readers clamored for more, so I began writing a spin-off series called The Ourean Chronicles. For readers of the Grimoire Saga, it’s another chance to get to know three of the characters. The Misanthrope: Stone’s Story (Ourean Chronicles #1) is a twisted tale about Stone, the isen that trained Kara. Writing about Stone, a sociopath, turned out to be a challenge for me. But I went for it, and I hope you enjoy a deeper look at this complex character. Book Description Before Stone trained Kara Magari or … Read More

Free gift for you! May 11-13 Losing It: A Collection of VCards

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Fun news. The short story collection I’m in called Losing It: A Collection of V-Cards is FREE for a limited time. For just a couple days, mind you, so hurry and grab your copy. As you may know, I included a never-before-seen story about Kara and Braeden in this collection of 22 stories from best-selling authors. I hope you enjoy a new look at the characters in these stories. Click the image below to grab your free copy from Amazon!

Poetry Month | Quiz and Spotlight with Grammarly

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As you have probably heard a billion times already, April is National Poetry Month. In an unplanned (but totally awesome) coincidence, I released my first published poem, “A Life For Sale” a few weeks ago. So let’s celebrate poetry with a fun game. Nikolas Baron over at Grammarly.com invited me to participate in a blog hop of sorts. Ish. Not really, but it’s still fun. In honor of Poetry Month and my new poetry release, you can enjoy the Grammarly #PoetryMonth Quiz below. But first, a bit about my new release: Poem Description: “A Life For Sale” is a dark … Read More

Surprise Release! A new poem to hold you over

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I hope you’re ready for a surprise! I just released a new poem titled “A Life For Sale” to hold you over until the release of the first Ourean Chronicles book. Poem Description: “A Life For Sale” is a dark and moving poem about a woman with a final, mournful wish for the living, told through the guise of an estate sale. From the author:  “This piece came to me out of nowhere while I was in the middle of preparing for a cross-country move. I sat down with a powerful sense of sorrow I couldn’t shake, and a poem … Read More