New Release: An Angel’s Hellfire

If you haven’t read my post Yes, I’m still alive, you should probably start there to understand why this story is significant.

An Angel’s Hellfire

an angels of death short story

Mori has lived her whole life as prey… and now she finally has a chance to become the hunter.

Mortals have murdered her kind for centuries, all because they fear the hellfire burning in every angel of death’s veins. The dark fae kings, the shifter alphas, even the siren queens across the sea — they’ve convinced themselves that angels are the real monsters in this realm the gods abandoned.

They’re not wrong.

Until recently, Mori thought only she and her two sisters were left. Refusing to give up hope that more of their kind had survived, the three of them chase a rumor of the sort of carnage and bloodshed only an angel can leave behind. And, in the aftermath of a massacre, they finally discover another of their kind. 

Mori’s long-lost sister Ava, however, knows what it truly means to be an angel of death. She, unlike Mori, has earned her wings. Ava can harness power the others have only dreamed of, and though it comes at a devastating cost, the temptation is difficult to ignore. Before long, Mori and her sisters have to make a choice: join Ava, or go up in flames.

Every family has its dysfunction. Mori’s is just a little more… fiery.

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