New Release: a winter of the soul

If you haven’t read my post Yes, I’m still alive, you should probably start there to understand why this story is significant.


a winter of the soul

a powerful novella about grief, healing, and the art of living

In this spellbinding parable, Boyce lays bare the agonizing path toward healing that comes after an intense and heartbreaking trauma.

Follow a fierce warrior queen as she attempts to heal from the betrayal that nearly killed her. With her fortress burning and her body broken, she descends into the depths of an enchanted mountainside—to the land of goddesses, darkness, and magic.

When she steps into the mountain, she’s after a legendary weapon that’s said to defeat any foe. In the darkness, however, she finds something much more powerful.

Boyce wrote this deeply symbolic novella as a means to heal from her own life-shattering pain. She shares it with you now in the hopes that you, too, may find your way back to the sunlight… and to your own starlit summer.


Right now, this story is only available on my patreon.

Maybe I’ll publish it someday. Maybe I won’t. If you get a chance to read it, I hope you find something meaningful in this work. I hope it touches a part of your soul that might need a bit of healing, or love, or care.