Author Notes for Wraithstorm (Wraithblade Book 3)

Below are my thoughts & notes for Wraithstorm (Wraithblade Book 3)

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Author Notes

Thank you for reading Wraithstorm. I know it’s a month late, but I hope you found the delay worth it now that you’re done.

As always, I’m beyond grateful for you. I’m thankful you took the time out of your day to go on this adventure with me.

Wraithstorm was a thrill ride to write. I was finally able to write scenes that I have been foreshadowing since Book 1, and I was able to deliver emotional payoffs that I’ve been itching to write from the very beginning.

This book dug deep into me and took a bit of me with it—but I would do it again.


As Book 3 is wrapped up and shipped off to the publisher, I find myself simmering on our journey thus far.

Wraithblade is largely dedicated to the fathers who plant seeds of wisdom in our souls. We’re all gardens, of sorts, and the lessons we’ve learned over the years sprout from what’s planted. What we allow to thrive and grow in our dirt is entirely up to us.

Wraithforged builds on this core foundation by adding another layer: through our fathers, we learn how to cope with the darker realities of life. We watch them model grief, anger, and trauma—and we learn something new every time. Sometimes we’re lucky, and our role models teach us healthy ways to heal. For others, our role models pass on the painful cycles they learned from their role models. If left unchecked, that can destroy us.

Wraithstorm is the next stage in this growth. This book exposes us the storm that brews in the parts of our life that we have outgrown. The storm gives us permission to grieve that, to strip away what no longer serves us and to become something better. Something stronger.

Someone new.

It’s my hope that you don’t fear the storm, but rather use it as a chance to release what no longer serves you. Not all wreckage in a storm will take you to safety. There comes a time where, daunting as it might be, it’s best to simply let go.

In the days and storms to come, I wish you the greatest luck in facing them. May the seeds in your soul thrive, and may old wounds heal. And, should you need it again, Wraithblade will always be here for you.


Until next time,


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