Why I unpublished Wraithblade

As you may have seen in my previous Boyce Nation update, this is actually very good news because it means the Wraithblade relaunch is almost here!

The short version: the Wraithblade Saga has been picked up by a publisher, and as such, we will see a full-scale relaunch of the series in the next few months.

Because of that, I had to take down book 1.

(If you’re curious as to where the book 2 preorder went, you read my update on that here.)

Never fear. In almost no time at all, you’re going to see Wraithblade relaunch with a new cover and a new book description.

So please pardon our dust while we handle the backend Amazon things. More details to come soon.

I’m thrilled to see what happens next with Wraithblade as a series, and I hope you join me for the ride.

More updates soon,