Boyce Nation | February 2021

I love that we stay in touch. Writing you this update to you each month helps me stay grounded and in the moment, so thanks as always for reading.

There have been some especially exciting developments this month, so let’s dive in.

Updates from my writing desk

The outline for Wraith of Kings  is nearly done.

My brother Dan & I have been hard at work designing the absolute best, most kick-ass, epic saga I’ve ever written (and, Fates willing, that you’ve ever read…) It makes me squirm with wicked glee, and I can’t wait for you to read it.

“But Boyce,” I hear you saying, “isn’t that book set to publish in April?”

Yes. Yes, it is.

I’m a mutant, and I write quickly. I don’t usually like to cut it that close, so it’s going to be a little tighter than I’d ideally like, but I’ve had worse deadlines before.

With my writing style, I need a solid outline before I can start. This one is currently 135 pages, and I suspect it’ll just get bigger before we’re done.

Nothing but the best for you. I won’t cut corners.

A publisher has bought the rights to Wraithblade

It’s very exciting and very good news.

I’ve been in back-and-forth negotiations with a publisher that I respect immensely, and we signed the paperwork last week. It’s official. I don’t know how much I can share just yet, but I can give you a bit of high-level info on what this means.

We will be re-launching Wraithblade, since my solo launch didn’t go to plan (to put it nicely). That means new covers, new descriptions, lots of marketing magic on the backend, and a light dusting of editing/tweaks before we try this again.

General Health

Part of why I’m so late getting the outline done is because of the bone I had removed from my foot. It’s been a painful recovery, but I’m getting better.

My morning view of my feet for the past two months has been one foot in a fuzzy pink slipper and the other velcro-strapped into a honking black boot. I have a distinct gait of clonk, clonk, clonk. My husband always knows where I am thanks to the reverberating thuds of this boat anchor that’s passing for a shoe right now.

Melo-dramatic descriptors aside, it’s healing well and I should be back on my feet soon.


What’s on the schedule:

  • February – Write to chapter 30 in Wraith of Kings
  • March – Finish Wraith of Kings 
  • April – Final edits & launch


I’ll be posting my progress each day and week on Twitter, so come join me if you haven’t already.

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