Author Notes for Wraithblade (Book 1)

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Below are my thoughts & notes for Wraithblade.

They’re meant to be read after you finish the novel, so if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, head here first to get your copy.

Author Notes

Glad to have you here.

Thank you for reading Wraithblade. I’ve spent the better part of a year refining the concept and writing the first book, but I’ve been exploring the saga for far longer than that. Of course, you may know about unpublishing the book to relaunch it with Wraithmarked Publishing and cancelling the book two preorder because of scheduling issues, so it seems almost miraculous that this book is actually, well, done.

To finish book one and put it in your hands is an unmatched feeling. As surreal (and ironic) as it is to admit, I don’t truly have the words right now to explain what it’s like to be finished.

As I’ve seen readers’ incredible reaction to this story, I’ve been beyond humbled and relieved to see that you love it as much as I do. More than anything, I’m grateful. I’m thankful you took the time out of your day to go on this adventure with me.


The Vibe

As the book evolved, I fell in love with the twangy vibe in this series. Even as an epic fantasy novel, it has a distinctly wild west feel to it. There are obvious references, like sheriffs and lawman badges, but there are also the underlying ribbons of freedom and individualism woven into the plot.

In Saldia, everyone needs to be self-sufficient. These are hardy people who won’t be controlled. It’s a somewhat lawless land, so when troublemakers come to town, you have to band together and deal with them yourself.

It was a treat to explore all of that, and I’ll continue delving into it in the sequels.


The Quote

We writers are creatures of habit, and one of the many habits I’ve picked up since finishing the Grimoire Saga (my last series) is that I now add a quote at the beginning of each novel. This is meant to capture its soul & give you an idea of what you’re about to read.

Choosing an opening quote for Wraithblade was a challenge. How do I sum up a saga like this in a single sentence? What nugget of wisdom would best capture its themes? When there are so many lingering mysteries that I literally have a database to keep track, how do I pick just one to tease you at the beginning?

(I do, in fact, have a database for all things Wraithblade. Because I am a geek and cannot help myself. There are an embarrassing number of spreadsheets, too, if we’re being honest here.)

But… what to choose? For quite a while, I was stumped.

You probably already guessed this, but Wraithblade is an ode to our fathers. It’s about how these men influence who we become, though it’s ultimately up to us to decide who we truly are.

In the end, I opted for this quote to open the series:

“Though you plant the seed of thought in another, be patient, for how and when it sprouts is not yours to control.”

I said the author was unknown, but I lied a little. I couldn’t find a quote that perfectly summed up what I wanted to say, so I just made one up.

(If you do find an existing quote that captures this idea, though, please tell me so I can properly credit the original author.)

It does, however, capture what I feel is the essence of the story: we’re all gardens, of sorts, and the lessons we’ve learned over the years are all the seeds planted in our soil by the people who have touched our lives.

What we allow to thrive and grow in our dirt, though, is entirely up to us.

Wraithblade is dedicated to the fathers who plant those seeds of thought and have helped us become stronger, better people.


Parting Thoughts

I could go into the themes and symbolism I planted in the book (haha get it), but what matters is what you took away. What sat with you.

What matters most is which seeds you decided to plant in your garden.

Whichever you chose to plant, I hope they grow and thrive. Wraithblade will always be here for you when you want to come back to Saldia and look for more.

Until next time,

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