Official Book Description Revealed: Wraithblade #1

Official Book Description Revealed: Wraithblade #1

Drumroll please………




I am thrilled to announce the official book description for Wraithblade #1.




Wraithblade Saga #1


Are you the hunter—or the prey?

The Ancient Woods of Saldia hold secrets—the gnarled oaks home to murderers, slavers, and the legendary blightwolves that ravage the countryside by the light of the twin moons.

In a world of rabid wolves the size of horses, not-so-extinct dragons, and magical reagents that grow over every inch of the land, tonight is unique.

Tonight, a merciless king dies alone in the forest.

Tonight, a usurper rises from within the ranks of the king’s trusted noblemen.

Tonight, ancient enchantments are unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

At the center of it all is the most ruthless and powerful magic this land has ever seen—the Wraith King, a once-dead warlord brought back by the most formidable necromancer to ever live.

A spectre of death, the Wraith King cannot exist without a host. Deep amongst the trunks of a long-forgotten forest, he just found his next master. But as the weeks blur by, the question arises: who will learn to control the other?

Are you ready to wield the Wraithblade?

Gather your allies and pray to your gods if you have them, because it’s time to find out.

Eager for the story to publish?

(Good gracious, me too.)

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