February Update | Boyce Nation 2020

Holy shit, it’s February already?

When did that happen?

I’ve been typing furiously, so maybe that’s why I didn’t notice.


Wraithblade is well underway. I’m excited that I can finally reveal the final cover. It’s pretty damn kickass, if I dare say so myself.

Wraithblade Saga Book 1 Cover

Wriathblade launches some time in April, so I’ll keep you posted. I’m 20% through with the first draft, and it’s going pretty smoothly thanks to my outline. I’m aiming to get the first draft done in early March, and my beta readers get to sink their teeth into it sometime at the end of March. I should have the preorder ready for you in mid-March-ish.

March is gonna be busy, lads.


Secret Project Revealed

Because I’m intrinsically evil and cruel, I’ve been teasing a secret project and giving you very little detail on it.

Well, the long wait is over, boss.

This series is called the Tangrinin Epic, and it follows a young man named Owen as he causes trouble in a world where magic is both worshiped and revered. It’s simple — using magic kills the nature around you. So what will he do when he realizes he can wield the sort of power most people can only dream of?

Guess we’ll see.

Because sleep is apparently for the weak, I will be co-releasing this second epic fantasy series alongside Wraithblade.

You should see this launch in May. It might be a little shorter than Wraithblade, but it’ll be hilarious. While Wraithblade is going to have humor, I think you’re going to find yourself laughing out loud perhaps a little bit more when you’re in Tangrinin, despite the grim premise.

Buckle in. It’s going to be a fun year.