Life is an adventure. Which road are you taking?


Today, I took an adventure.

I was supposed to go grocery shopping. But you know how these things go. The GPS said turn left, and I just kinda ignored it. I grabbed an iced tea, two bananas, and drove off for Lake Whatcom.

And boy, am I glad I did.

Windows down, breeze rolling across my face. Sun glittering overhead. 35 miles per hour. Birds chirping. And a big ole smile on my face.

I thought about my writing. About you. About emails, and how I can reach people to make a difference in their lives. To bring joy. Some laughs. A bit of fun.

I let my mind wander about my summer and how I want to live now that I’ve left D.C. behind and am finally here on the west coast. I thought about my husband, settling into our new place, and how our dog loves the new windows. I thought about food and how much I wanted a rice crispy treat, but would refrain since I started eating paleo last week.

The point is, I let my mind wander. And that’s a powerful thing.

When you let yourself think freely, you stumble over the thoughts you often cram to the side for the sake of being busy. To be still, to listen to yourself, is to give yourself permission to dream and wonder. That opens up doors in your head and lets you peek inside. Sometimes, that’s scary a scary thing. But it’s always worth looking to see what you can find in yourself.

I was headed for a lot I found on Zillow, one my husband and I could build on ourselves and create something of our own. I wanted to see if it was feasible, if it had the breathtaking views that Washington is known for.

And good lord, did it ever!

Lake Whatcom
Lake Whatcom

My mouth dropped open. I just stared, listening to the silence and birdsong as I drank it in. This. This could be mine. I could wake up and see THIS every morning.

Now that is a VIEW.

I thought you may want to experience it with me, so here’s a quick video:

On paper, something like a view can seem trivial, like something to give up in favor of a better price or location. But when you’re there, listening to nature and the occasional passing car, watching the clouds roll over the mountain, there’s peace. There’s a sense of stillness that seemed worth the indulgence of a few extra bucks and a longer drive. Because if I could wake up to this view, I know I can feel still each and every morning.

Just a thought.

I wonder where in your life you could indulge yourself a little. Give yourself the extra something — that something only you know is important — you may find it grants you the extra bit of stillness and peace you deserve in life. And you do deserve it.

Life is an adventure. Which road are you taking?

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8 Responses

  1. That’s beautiful! Hope you were able to make that a place of your own….I can see you sitting on the porch with a hot cup of coffee (or tea) just enjoying the wildlife.

  2. Colorado has many views like that, in fact I got to take a picture of a valley back in 2002.

  3. Nice view. I know you’ll find a place you’ll love to be. Birds were nice, but car seemed kind of loud when it went by.

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