I spoke with the next generation of authors… and they’re awesome.


The bad news: I’m old enough to talk about the next generation of authors. The good news: they’re going to change the world. In October, I had the privilege to visit Windward High School, a local school with not only a creative writing class, but an after school club as well. Talk about envy! When I was in high school, the closest we … Read More

October Frights Blog Hop – Horror at its finest (and free-est!)

October Frights Blog Hop banner

*spooky voice* Ready for some frightful fun? *OoOooOoh* Oh, I know. This time of year everything is so hopelessly horror-themed it’s almost funny. But bear with me. This one is actually fun! I’m giving away a signed paperback copy of my debut ghostly horror novel, Ari. It’s the first in the To Each His Ghost series. And to boot, there’s an entire … Read More

FYI: Barnes & Noble won’t let you change your tax info in Nook Press

Recently, I took all my books off Nook Press (Barnes & Noble’s self publishing platform). The reason? It’s not horrible. It’s not life-changing. But I think you should know about it. For tax purposes, I used to be a Sole Proprietorship. I became an LLC this year, and I had to update my tax information. Only problem: Barnes & Noble … Read More