Grimoire Saga #4

The final chapter in the war for Ourea ends with blood.

Kara Magari is an icon. A hero. The people love her. The royalty tolerates her. She has everything: an army, allies, and a close circle of chosen family. They all believe she will end the war, and they shouldn’t. She’s as scared as they are. She just can’t show it.

The bloodshed can only end with a final battle that will either save or enslave her people. Her armies are ready. Her strategy is foolproof. Her generals are waiting for the order to attack. It’s only in the final seconds before the battle begins that she realizes she missed one crucial detail…

…the traitor.

NEW 2nd EDITION with never-before-read scenes and chapters from your favorite bad guys. Completely re-edited and revised for a smoother, more vivid reading experience.