Afterworld #1

A broken System wreaks chaos on the portal worlds.

An academy grows from the bones of the gods who made it. 

A bloody audition bestows unimaginable power.  


Mori’s legendary core gives her unrivaled magical ability.

The problem? She has no idea it exists.

Mori has lived her whole life as prey… and now she finally has a chance to become the hunter. Assassins stole everything from her—her freedom, her family, and even her life. She wants revenge, and there’s only one way to get it.

The Afterworld offers the dying a second chance—but they’re reborn into a bloodsoaked warzone ruled by a broken System. A deadly audition lies between Mori and the Afterworld’s academy, which houses everything she needs to slaughter those who dared to hunt her down.

But the Afterworld has secrets of its own, and Mori finds herself in the center of a deadly battle between the most powerful figures in this—or any—world. More than one person is tracking her, and they all want to take what is hers.

Dragon shifters. Vampires. Yetis. Werewolves. Banshees. Sirens. Naga. Dark fae. Her ache for revenge pits her against them all. But this den of killers and thieves has never seen an angel on the warpath, and she will not show them mercy.

An angel of death leaves only ash in her wake, and Mori is not the forgiving sort. 

Vengeance is Mori’s birthright… and not even the bloodthirsty Afterworld can stop her.