Giveaway | Win an audiobook copy of Wraithblade!

I don’t do a lot of giveaways, but I simply couldn’t resist this one.

This month, you have a chance to win one of three (3) audiobook copies of Wraithblade, delivered through

How to Enter the Giveaway

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The Rules & Reasons

I have 3 codes ready to go, and I decided to give them away as part of a birthday celebration.

From now until my birthday (August 21), you’ll have plenty of chances to enter. Most of them revolve around the places I hangout online because I guess I use all my creative energy on my books instead of my giveaways.

The giveaway is run through Rafflecopter, and you do need to login to the Rafflecopter site to track entries. It’s easy & quick to sign up.

Once the giveaway ends, I’ll send the 3 lucky winners their codes. Winners will have 1 week to respond and accept the code before it goes to someone else.

No purchase is necessary to win. If isn’t available in your country, I will gift you a copy from a similar store in your country if you win. Your country’s rules on giveaways may influence winning potential. (I’m doing my best on this legalese stuff, guys.)

The Prizes

The Wraithblade audiobook launched on June 15, 2021. You can listen to it on your favorite sites, such as Audible and

Here’s more about the book:


Connor Magnuson is going to conquer Death itself.

A penniless drifter, Connor has survived the last eight years alone in a cursed woodland teeming with monsters that eat grown men whole. Shunned, forgotten, and with nowhere else to go, he looks death in the eye every night and draws his sword to face it. The forest, after all, burned the fear out of him long ago.

Still, it hasn’t hardened the last shreds of his heart quite yet. When Connor hears a mysterious girl scream in the middle of nowhere, he ends up in a brutal battle that nearly costs him his life. His bravery does not go unrewarded, and in the aftermath of the fight, he finds himself bonded to the most infamous enchantment the world has ever seen: the Wraith King. The undead abomination grants him godlike power, but legendary magic always comes with a cost. Even as his fellow outcasts flock to him for help, Connor is branded as an outlaw. Kings and lords alike know where the wraith has gone, and they’ll slit his throat to take it from him. To them, a peasant like Connor is unworthy. He’s a mistake to be corrected, and nothing more.

But Connor is no ordinary man, and he’ll drag those hunters to hell with him if that’s what it takes to protect what is his.

Read by Wayne Mitchell. Published by Tantor Audio.