Fan Question | If I have the original version of Wraithblade, do I need the new edition?

The question

I got a great question the other day in the fans-only Facebook group:


If I have the original version of Wraithblade, do I need the new edition?

Another great question, since we republished Wraithblade in April 2021.

The short answer


The long answer

No, you don’t need the new edition…but you might want to read it regardless.

Between the two versions, the story is about 97% the same. Most of the edits I made were stylistic changes to perfect as much as I could. You won’t be lost if you don’t buy the new edition.

However, there are a few little easter eggs in the new edition that will be referenced in later books, so it might be good to re-read the new edition (maybe in KU, if you have that?) before you read book 2.

My publisher hasn’t given me an official launch date yet for book 2, but I’ll email everyone on my mailing list as soon as I know more. Join now to make sure you get the update.


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My guess is it’ll be autumn of this year, but again that’s the publisher’s final choice.

If you want more frequent updates, you can join my Facebook Group. I’m going to try out weekly writing updates to keep everyone up to date on the book 2 progress.

Either way, I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for reading Wraithblade. I can’t wait to see what you think of the sequel!

– Boyce