Boyce Nation 2020

I’d like to try something new.

On a regular basis, I want to start updating you on what’s going on in my writing sphere and get you some behind-the-scenes insight on what I’m working on.

I’ve been a little distant, lately. With so many pans in the fire, one thing I really failed to do was show up for you. To keep you posted. To let you know what’s going on and where the feck I’ve been for the past year or so.

(BTW feck is my new favorite cuss word. It’s so beautiful. It’s a little crass and a little elegant, in its own weird way. A friend of mine brought that back with her from Ireland, and it’s mine now.)

2019 – Where the hell did you go, Boyce?!

What the hell have I been doing for the last year?

Excellent question, darling.

I have been writing. Like a mad-woman high on caffeine and protein shakes.

I’ve spent much of this time experimenting. Working through new genres. Learning about upcoming changes in the industry. Learning what works and what doesn’t. There have been secret pen names and books that will never again see the light of day. I’ve made Amazon All-Star and gotten incredible results, all through pen names I’ll probably never divulge. (Because I’m meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean.)

I’ve also been learning—about myself and my readers. I’ve been exploring what you really want, learning how to be a better person and how to apply that to my stories. I’ve been growing, pushing myself, and making mistakes.

After all, mistakes are fine as long as you learn from them. You only fail when you don’t take any little nuggets of wisdom from a situation.

So, blessedly, I’ve been making lots of little and big mistakes.

2019 was the year to tinker. Experiment. Screw up. Learn. I mean, not that everything will go flawlessly from here, but 2019 was a sandbox for me.

Which brings me to this year…

2020 – The year I finally leave my hermit cave and rejoin society

I have several goals for this year, and you are a part of all of them.

I will finally be returning to epic fantasy. I’ve had several stories in the works, and I think you’re going to like these even better than the Grimoire Saga.

These books have been churning in the back of my head for years, and I’m so excited to finally publish them.

You will, guaranteed, get the Wraithblade Saga. This is a 6-book series that follows Connor Magnuson through the world of Saldia as he’s forced to take on far more magic than he ever thought a lowly merchant’s son in exile would ever wield. He’ll face a world that doesn’t want him and be tasked with impossible decisions and dire situations almost no mortal could ever skate their way out of. We’ll get to see him grow and become the man his father always knew he could be.

Wraithblade speaks to me because it’s about fathers and sons. It’s about family. It’s about purpose. It’s about self-dicovery and pushing yourself to new heights.

It’s also my first foray into a true hard magic system.

I’m so excited.

Teaser image from book 1, Wraithblade

I also have several other novels in the works, but I’m not sure about when I’ll publish them. Don’t want to over-promise you this year.

2020 in a Nutshell

As you can see, the publication goals below are all very tight. With the outlines and worldbuilding work I’ve been doing, I think I can achieve this. You should get the entire 6-book series within a year of publishing book 1.

Because sleep is for the weak.


I’ll spend this time finalizing Wraithblade #1 and getting it to market. Designing the magic system has been more challenging than I expected, as it’s incredibly involved. So involved, in fact, that I may devote several blog posts to spells and potions and other implementations that don’t ever surface in the story itself—just for the fun of it. Seriously, this world goes on forever, and it’s so damn fun.

I also have a second series in the works for 2020 that I’m keeping a bit more of a secret, because I want to really refine this and make it solid before I announce it. You should see some info on this come around March.


My goal is to publish Wraithblade #1 by April at the latest. Audio rights for this series have already been sold to Tantor Publishing, which is incredibly exciting. We’ve been in negotiations to get the perfect narrator, and I’m thrilled with the names we’ve been bouncing around. More info on the audio publications when I get it.

I’ll be diving into Wraithblade #2 as soon as I publish Wraithblade #1. No rest for the wicked, my darlings.


Goal: publish Wraithblade #2


Goal: publish Wraithblade #3


Goal: publish Wraithblade #4


Goal: publish Wraithblade #5

Parting Thoughts

Jokes aside, I’m grateful for you. I’m grateful for your patience. I’m grateful that you’ve stuck with me and wondered about me, even as I disappeared. I can’t wait to share these new stories with you and delve into epic fantasy like you’ve never seen before.

Thank you for joining me on this ride and being a part of my family as we discover new worlds together.

This is going to be fun.