Grimoire Saga Epic Deals Week (you do NOT want to miss this)

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for all the amazing support I get from readers of Lichgates and the rest of the books in the Grimoire Saga. To give thanks and to give you a chance to grab a book or two that may be missing from your Grimoire Saga digital collection, I decided to have an Amazon sale of EPIC proportions.

 The Schedule of Deals

Below you’ll find a handy graphic that announces the deals this week. If you’re just now being introduced to the series, or if you’ve been waiting to get the second, third or fourth book, now is the time to grab them. Today and tomorrow are the absolute best days to grab this deal, but if you happen to catch this before August 16, you can still get the books for less than regular price.


Grab your deals now!

Don’t have a Kindle?

No problem! You can still participate in the Grimoire Saga Epic Deals Week and read these books on your favorite device. Kindle books (and any Mobi file) can be read with the Kindle App available on most devices. For more info, visit Amazon’s App Page.

4 Comments on “Grimoire Saga Epic Deals Week (you do NOT want to miss this)”

  1. 2015 Was a very depressing year for me until the end if the year… Met old friend that’s seems to be more of a friend than others I have dedicated my life to including Family…. 2016 Ringing in New Year with a real friend that I’m not second to. Hopefully rest of year is better than last….

    1. I hope so, too. I definitely empathize with you on the friendship front, and I’m grateful to hear you also found someone who better respects and appreciates you. I’m wishing you a wonderful 2016.

  2. Is this where I sign up for your newsletter? I would like to get access to the extra stuff you have on the grimoire saga.

    1. If you follow this link, it will take you to the newsletter signup 🙂 Enjoy!

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