Boyce Manifesto #7 | Don’t Wait for Tomorrow

As we make our way through the adventure called life, we all go through rough patches where the best thing for us is just a little inspiration. I created the Boyce Manifesto to give you that motivational boost everyone needs now and then. There are my twelve mantras to live by, and today I want to share a story about one of them.

Quote - Tomorrow

#7 Don’t Wait for Tomorrow. It May not Come.

Raise your hand… how many times have you looked back and gone, “Dang, I wish I’d done that thing.”

This is a little tired, I’ll admit, but it’s an adage that’s close to my heart. You regret most what you never do, so why wait?

When I was in college, I had loads of ideas for books. And despite my self-made class schedule, I never made time to write. In fact, the Grimoire Saga (then the Grimoire Trilogy) had been in the works for years… and was stalling. I still hadn’t finished the full manuscript to book one.

Then I graduated. Then I entered the rat race… and began testing software, which was completely out of my realm of experience.

It only took two months to feel heartbroken. I didn’t realize it at the time, but yes. I was heartbroken.

Something felt wrong. I wasn’t creating. I wasn’t writing. I was a little miserable. A little disappointed in myself. A little ashamed.

And just like that, a fire lit under my ass.

Despite a full time job that regularly required overtime, I wrote in the evening. I wrote on weekends. I networked during lunch. I built my platform during every break and available free moment. My afterhours became writing hours. And though I was exhausted half the time, I finished my first manuscript in about 9 months. It had errors, but it was done. I could finally look into publishing. I could finally take the next step in my writing career.

But if I’d waited for the “perfect time,” I still wouldn’t have the first book done. I wouldn’t be published. No one but my family would know about Ourea.

So that makes me wonder… what genius are you sitting on?

What have you been waiting to do?

Don’t let it pass you by. You never know where you’ll be in a year. Worst cast, you’ll either cherish the learning experience. Don’t wait and look back, wondering what might have been.

What does this mantra mean to you?

Leave a comment below with your story.

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