Why a hangover can sometimes be a good thing

Have you ever had a hangover that was totally and completely worth it? It doesn’t have to be liquor, either. Maybe you had seven slices of the most delicious cake ever and instead have a happy tummy bulge and zero regrets. That counts.

My hangover involved decadent mimosas and a brunch buffet in downtown Washington, D.C.

Hubby dearest treated me to a brunch-fest in D.C. with all-you-can-drink mimosas. They were divine, and no one turned off the tap for me. Waffle + mimosa. Omelette + mimosa. These odd little strawberry-mango mousse cake things + mimosa. Yum.

My buzz stuck with me while we toured the Spy Museum, an interactive adventure where you pick a secret identity and are quizzed throughout the museum. As expected, I failed my identity quizzes with the exception of one lucky guess. My husband nailed his, despite the fact he had just as many mimosas.

So yes, my hangover hit me that night and it hit me hard.

Champagne hangovers hurt worse than most, but it was totally worth it. Our tipsy adventure through D.C. still sticks with me as one of my fondest memories of the city.

My books give hangovers, too.

I’m proud of that. As cruel as it sounds, I love it when readers tell me they have a book hangover from their time in Ourea.

Because, like the growers who made the champagne, I craft quality books that take time to create.

My readers are discerning and want books that steal them away to another world for a while. And, when they return, there’s always that sense of loss at coming back down from the high.

But I guess that’s the best kind of hangover, right?

But what if there were a way to dull the pain? A little “hair o’ the dog”, so to speak?

Join the tribeWell, recently, I had a brilliant idea for doing just that.

And I’ve been busy behind the scenes creating an experience that keeps you connected to the magic of my worlds any day of the week — not just when you’re indulging in my books.

It’s the perfect opportunity for us to prolong our adventure together while you’re waiting for my next book to come out. Plus, you’ll get the full scoop on the “behind the scenes” process of creating those books.

Whether you’re a reader or a fellow author, you’ll find plenty of adventure, magic, and valuable insights inside my new “tribe”.

And the best part? For a limited time, you can join the tribe for only pennies a day.

(In fact, FAR less than one cup of coffee a month at your local diner. Champagne quality at Folger’s prices? Yes, please!)

Go check it out now. I even made you a bunch of awesome videos explaining everything in greater depth.

Enjoy, and savor the hangover.

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