Death to sugar comas!

Okay, think long and hard about this one…

When was the last time you went on a total sugar binge?

I used to have this routine every time I went to the movies (which thankfully, wasn’t often): I’d go to the candy store, load up on sour patch kids & gummy raspberries, and binge on sugar throughout the movie.

Ughhh… so bad, yet so good.

For those two blissful hours, I was in a sugar-induced coma. But a half hour after the movie ended, almost without fail, I felt like utter crap. Just gross. I had insta-regret, yet always wanted to go back for more candy at the next movie. At that point, it was more routine than joy.


I finally managed to kick the habit, but I still eye the candy counter on my way into the movies. That compulsion never really left.

It reminded me, though, of why I spend up to nine months writing and editing my books: I never want you to feel gross after finishing my novels. No sugar comas here, my friend.

I take pride in my books being like fine wine, not cheap vodka. 

Of course, that means they take longer to write. That part sucks. I have so many ideas… I wish I could write a book a month. But I won’t because the quality would suffer, and I wouldn’t do that to you. Ever.

But what if there was a way to fill the void between book releases?

Join the tribeWell, recently, I had a brilliant idea for doing just that.

For the last several months, I’ve been busy as a bee. Now I can FINALLY share with you what I’ve been working on: an online experience that keeps you connected to the magic of my worlds any day of the week — not just when you’re indulging in my books.

It’s called the Tribe.

It’s fantastic. With the tribe, we can stretch out our adventure together while we both wait for the next book. How great is that? Plus, you’ll get the full scoop on the “behind the scenes” process of creating those books.

Whether you’re a reader or a fellow author, you’ll find plenty of adventure, magic, and valuable insights inside my new tribe.

And the best part? For a limited time, you can join the tribe for only pennies a day.

(In fact, FAR less than one cup of coffee a month at your local diner. Champagne quality at Folger’s prices? Yes, please!)

Go check it out now. I even made you a bunch of awesome videos explaining everything in greater depth.

Death to sugar comas!

Featured candy photo courtesy of Moyan Brenn

10 Comments on “Death to sugar comas!”

  1. I live on sugar, no movie needed. At work i am addicted to peppermint lifesavers, and when I get home its a bag of pepperidge farm dark chocolate chip cookies. Now with the holidays here we get to add peppermint/chocolate covered pretzels. Why I don’t weigh 500lbs. Or a diabetic is beyond me.

  2. I too, like to stop at the bulk food store before going to the movies, sometimes. My latest go to is salted chocolate squares, so rich so delicious so habit forming and bad for me! It triggers a chocolate binge that both my husband and I share but, we act as each other’s conscience and don’t let it go on too long! I enjoy your comments and hope you have lots of stories coming!

  3. I had the WORST sugar coma ever, when I was 6. Seriously so bad that I haven’t done it since.

    It was the day after Halloween. My candy was sorted by category (signs of OCD emerging, even then.) I decided I needed chocolate. Lots of chocolate. And I was limited on the amount of candy I could eat in a day. This was unacceptable; I was 6! Practically grown! So throughout the day I snuck an obnoxious amount of chocolate candy in my room.
    I ate every last piece – mind you they were spread cross my twin bed and my whole bed was covered.

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