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Today we have a fun foray into teaser town!

(That sounded less dumb in my head, but I’m keeping it in the post.)

This is a blog hop, so you can go to the websites listed below and read teasers from upcoming and recently published works. Enjoy a trip through a tour of teasers! (Ha, that was a little better than my first attempt.)

The rules? 

Authors in the hop share 7 lines from any work they want. That’s it!

The Teaser

Illusion (Grimoire Saga #4)From Illusion (Grimoire Saga #4)

He looked at her—really looked at her, with a gaze that almost stole the smile from her face. She held on, despite his scrutiny. She’d successfully killed Niccoli this time. She absorbed a Blood. She would bring Niccoli’s remaining guild to its knees. Andor—of all people—couldn’t shake her.

His boots thumped against the floor as he came closer. Every slow step chipped away at her smirk. He knelt on the mattress and leaned in, setting a hand on either side of her head. His fingers stretched against the wooden headboard in her periphery, but she never broke eye contact.

He inched closer until the world blurred around him. He was turning this on her, calling her bluff. Maybe he knew her seductions were always a tease, that she never followed through. Perhaps he even figured she imagined Michael on the face of any man who invaded her space, who got too close.


“What are you up to?” His breath rolled over her cheeks.

She grinned, letting the joy of her plan wash through her. “It’s quite elaborate.”

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The Hoppers

Amanda Aksel | Steph Nuss | Heather Hildenbrand | Bethany Lopez | Shawn McGuire | Alicia Sheehy | Kayla Smith | S. M. Boyce | Heather Brewer | Justine Winter | Nikki Jefford

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