S. M. Boyce Interview (part 3) goes down today!


Heyo, beautiful! Ready for the next S. M. Boyce interview? I promised you a reminder, so here it is. Part three of the interview series starts today. Make sure you click the button below to see it. Enjoy!

To refresh your memory, I met with the lovely duo Cheyenne Trumbo and K. R. Green over Skype and a cup of tea to talk about writing, being an author, and things that make us laugh. I want you to join in with us and listen to the conversation, so add this to your calendar! Don’t worry, I’ll also send you a reminder update.

The schedule is below. Make sure you join us, because this is going to be loads of fun. I had a blast talking to these ladies, and I hope we sit down again soon. While you’re at it, give their blogs a look over and follow them if their content suits you. They’re both talented, funny, and wonderful to talk to!


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