Interview with Richard Weatherly


December 16, 2011

S.M. Boyce created a magical fantasy adventure in The Grimoire Lichgates.Her protagonist is drawn into  a world reminiscent of the creations of Tolkein, C.S. Lewis and to some degree,   J.K. Rowling. At times frightening and at other times delighting, I’m confident you will enjoy the adventure.

How long have you worked on the Grimoire concept and novels?

I’ve been working on the Grimoire trilogy since I was sixteen, so 7 years. After years of plot development, character design, and half-finished drafts, I finally wrote the complete first draft for the novel in the early summer of 2011. It was released just this past October, but even after I wrote the first draft and thought that I had finalized everything, I would think, “But oh, wait! What if I did this, and then they went here?” and I’d change something.

…it’s amazing I published this at all, really.

Read the whole interview at Richard’s site by clicking here.

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