Why Kidnapping Bloggers is a Bad Idea

I kidnapped Kirkus MacGowan and stole his blog for the day. Click here to check it out & learn how to win free things (from me)!


Hey everyone!

I kidnapped Kirkus for the duration of this blog post. You won’t see him until I get a helicopter, a box of Twinkies, and a bag of unmarked twenties.

Wait, you don’t have police connections? Oh, well never mind. It was worth a shot. Guess we can chat until Kirkus breaks free, then.

I’m S.M. Boyce: a sarcastic author and overall oddie. I recently published my debut novel, The Grimoire: Lichgates. It’s a contemporary fantasy story about a book that turns its own pages, and shows readers the magic in everything.



See? I can be serious sometimes. Well no, I guess that’s a lie. Most of the main characters make fun of each other throughout the story. Anyways, I think you’ll like it, but it’s safe to say I’m a little biased.

To celebrate the release, I’m holding a #tweetcapade. A tweetcapade is about the easiest way to win something, and I only know this because I made it up. Every day for the rest of October, I’m giving away 10 free copies of my ebook (epub or kindle). It’s insanely easy to win a #tweetcapade. Here’s what you do:

Follow me @thesmboyce. Then, every day through what’s left of October 2011, tweet this:

Win a #free #ebook copy of the #Grimoire Lichgates every day in Oct! RT this & follow @thesmboyce. 10 tweeps win every day! #tweetcapade

You get an entry for every mention/retweet I see. Yes, that means you can enter multiple times a day. It wouldn’t be shameless self-promotion otherwise, right?

Mentions are easier for me to track, so please leave my name in there. I want this to be fair and – as I’m sure you know – Twitter can get super hairy incredibly fast. I don’t want to lose anyone’s entries. At the end of each day, I pick the 10 winners at random (using random.org)! It’s really that easy and you can enter every day.


Here is The Grimoire: Lichgates book blurb:

The Grimoire is a book that turns its own pages. It can answer any question asked of it. So when Kara Magari stumbles across the old book while hiking a hidden trail, she has no idea what she’s getting herself into.

She’s thrown into a hidden pocket of the Earth called Ourea, which is a beautiful world full of terrifying things. Most of the creatures there want to control her, but everyone is trying to find her. There’s no going back now.

Ourea’s best soldier, an adopted prince named Braeden, is assigned to keep her safe. However, befriending him comes with a cost; he ensnares her in Ourea’s underworld when she uncovers the secrets he has hidden his entire life. It isn’t long before she doubts even his intentions.

Legend says that the Grimoire’s first master was murdered for the secrets he locked away in the book. The more Kara learns of Ourea, the more she starts to believe that she will face his same fate; but if that happens, at least she won’t be going down without a fight.



There is also a blog on the official book website, www.TheGrimoireBooks.com, where you can see full color sketches of the characters, read short stories and deleted scenes, and read backstory on your favorite minor characters. It’s fun and epic in a geeky way.

Anyways, Kirkus is starting to eat through the rope, so I should probably go. Feel free to stop by my websites, blog, or stalk follow me on twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook. I stalk *ahem* I follow back.


Visit S.M. Boyce on the interwebs:


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