My Newest Fan is Kind of Furry

Hey again! No, I didn’t disappear, at least not entirely. I’ve been finishing up with the Grimoire and boy let me tell you – I learned more than a few lessons from this endeavor. But that’s what the first novel does: it teaches writers how to better handle what’s to come. And whooo…things will be different next time. No more red-bull-fueled sprints to the finish line.

More on that later. Today, I want to introduce you to Jack: a curious little thing we adopted from the shelter a week ago.

The caretaker who found him and brought him to the shelter described him as “weird,” which is definitely an apt description. When my husband heard that, though, he just said, “Oh, no problem. He’ll fit in.”

Thanks, babe.

Anyway, I wanted you all to meet the lovely Jack Attack. I can only imagine that having kids will be at least marginally similar: at one moment, he’s the smartest dog in the world; the next, he’s pissing me off and there’s nothing left of my tennis shoe. It’s a balance.

Any dog lovers out there? Tell me stories!

Stay Awesome,

3 Comments on “My Newest Fan is Kind of Furry”

  1. I have 4 dogs, each with their own weirdness. The snuggler, the ball obsessed, the timid lover and the theif.The ball-obsessed dog, Rocky, chased the ball so much at the beach that he had to take breaks between catching the ball and bringing the ball back to my husband, so funny…Lol, just start watching The Dog Whisperer.

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