10 Comments on “Changes in the Publishing World”

  1. Really good analysis and an excellent look on the new and blossoming industry. You've really done your homework.

  2. Thank you, sir. It felt like writing a thesis. You know, if I ever had to actually write one…It's pretty incredible how quickly the industry is changing.

  3. Hi There…just read your post over at Mr. Konrath's. Have you looked at Smashwords for your self-pubbing? In addition to Amazon and the various fringe distributors, I've had extremely positive experiences with Smashwords. And their royalty structure is good. Just my .02

  4. Hey Lola! Great advice, and yep, I sure have looked into Smashwords. I love their concept and I'll be posting there and on Amazon. I also put up Smashword links to the indie books I review on my book blog because of the royalty structure. Thanks for popping by!

  5. Love your post. Now I can be lazy and just point people here when they ask my why I decided to go indi publishing.

  6. You're like a Guide on the mountain – follow you and everyone gets to plant their flag at the top ;-)Seriously though – great stuff !

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