Wait, Boyce, you make jewelry?

Yep, It’s a hobby. Well, it started out that way.

“Boyce, your jewelry has POWER.”

I hear this all the time from the beautiful souls who wear my creations. Necklaces, rings, bracelets… when I create jewelry, I’m in a peaceful and happy place, and that seeps into my creations.

They wear my pieces for meditation, healing, confidence, joy, creation… every piece has a different story. They’re truly one-of-a-kind.

I’m a novelist by day, and to unwind after an exciting day in my fantasy worlds, I make the jewelry you see in my shop. It’s my “me” time, my chance to unwind, and I do this purely for the pleasure and delight in creating something beautiful.

Every bead, every stone, is handpicked for beauty and purpose. For YOU.

What began as a hobby has turned into a business, but I will always maintain the joy in it. I’ve been commissioned to make necklaces from rare bits of sea glass, and people around the world wear my jewelry.

Now, I’m happy to have the chance to bring a bit of joy, power, and purpose to you. What would you like, darling?

Jewelry Portfolio

Here are just some of the pendants and pieces I’ve made in the past. Click the image to see a bigger version. Note: many of these are already sold. To see what I have for sale currently, please visit my shop.