The Grimoire: Lichgates is Available Now!

Hey again! I have awesome news. Are you sitting down? The Grimoire: Lichgates is live!! Surprise. You can buy the either a print or eBook edition from Amazon and Smashwords. Barnes & Noble currently only offers eBook format, but I am working on getting the print edition up there as well. … Read More

My Newest Fan is Kind of Furry

Hey again! No, I didn’t disappear, at least not entirely. I’ve been finishing up with the Grimoire and boy let me tell you – I learned more than a few lessons from this endeavor. But that’s what the first novel does: it teaches writers how to better handle what’s to … Read More

The Grimoire: Lichgates Cover Reveal

Yo. Today, I’m all atwitter. You know why? Well, if you read the title, then yes. You do. Rob Meridy is an incredibly talented artist and has graciously let me flog him with design tweaks until the beautifully crafted LICHGATES cover was complete. And now, for the ultimate reveal… *drum … Read More

Changes in the Publishing World

This post has been moved! The Indie How-To Index has become Boyce’s Guide to Writing, a separate blog dedicated to helping writers succeed.

WTF Moments: My First Job

When I graduated high school, I took a summer job with a private business owner to get some extra money before college. Since then, I’ve been trying to forget the experience. And what better way to forget than to post it on the internet? Exactly. Moving on. The phone interview … Read More

8 Wedding “Essentials” I Hated Paying For

8 Wedding Essentials I Hated Paying For  Weddings are grossly expensive, but there are some checks that you have to force yourself to write. You put your pen to the checkbook and hover over the signature line at the bottom, holding your breath and hoping that the person you’re writing … Read More

Form Rejection Letters Suck

This post has been moved! The Indie How-To Index has become Boyce’s Guide to Writing, a separate blog dedicated to helping writers succeed.

Be The Next You – Self-Improvement

Last month alone, I heard three authors described as the next “Tolkien.” I’m starting to think that we’ve forgotten what that even means because the only thing these authors have in common is that they write fantasy. What’s more is that countless writers – including myself at one point – … Read More