Podcast Interview | Feel Good Life

Hey, boss! More awesome news! via GIPHY I had a great chat with Jennifer Blanchard of The Feel-Good Life, a radio show dedicated to being an unconventional guide to creating the life of your dreams. In this interview, we talk about designing a creative life that feels good and how to walk away from anything […]

Podcast Interview | The Lotus Bloom Podcast

Hey, boss! I have some great news for you. via GIPHY I was interviewed by Morgan Wylie of The Lotus Bloom Podcast a little while ago, and it was a great chat. We covered everything from pen names to outlining to magic and burnout. We also discussed how to stay creative in challenging times, especially […]

Writing Corner | Some tips on the outlining process

Today, we have a bit of a feature from a recent request I got: to share a bit on my outlining process. Below is the original recording of the snippet I sent to my friend Morgan Wylie, who runs the Lotus Bloom podcast.   Below is a transcription with mild editing to make it a […]

July Update | Boyce Nation

Hey, boss! It’s always a pleasure to have you here with me in this little corner of the internet. Let’s talk progress so far in 2020. April – June Progress The past few months have been a flurry of activity, to put it mildly: There’s a new Patreon you should check out. Wraithblade is making […]

Official Book Description Revealed: Blazebound #1

Official Book Description Revealed: Blazebound #1 Drumroll please………   via GIPHY   I am thrilled to announce the official book description for Blazebound #1. Ready? via GIPHY Blazebound Blazebound Epic #1   Secrets lie in the old castle’s ruins. The voices, wafting through the overgrown forest, beckoning you closer. The phantom deer, which fade to light as […]

Official Book Description Revealed: Wraithblade #1

Official Book Description Revealed: Wraithblade #1 Drumroll please………   via GIPHY   I am thrilled to announce the official book description for Wraithblade #1. Ready? via GIPHY Wraithblade Wraithblade Saga #1   Are you the hunter—or the prey? The Ancient Woods of Saldia hold secrets—the gnarled oaks home to murderers, slavers, and the legendary blightwolves that ravage […]

April Update | Boyce Nation 2020

Hey, boss! The world’s a little bit on fire (just a bit, eh?) but we’re just going to ignore that for now and focus on what we can control. Let’s talk progress. March Progress You’ll notice I didn’t post in March, and that’s because I was sick for about half of it. I couldn’t get […]

February Update | Boyce Nation 2020

Holy shit, it’s February already? When did that happen? I’ve been typing furiously, so maybe that’s why I didn’t notice. Wraithblade Wraithblade is well underway. I’m excited that I can finally reveal the final cover. It’s pretty damn kickass, if I dare say so myself. Wriathblade launches some time in April, so I’ll keep you […]

Seeing the Northern Lights in the Arctic

Alaska. The word alone conjures images of snow. Of the mountains. Of a world apart, the last frontier, a place where nature is not yet wholly conquered. And for now, in the farthest reaches of the state that is accessible only by 8-seater bush plane, we can still see her at her best. Beautiful. Silent. […]

Boyce Nation 2020

I’d like to try something new. On a regular basis, I want to start updating you on what’s going on in my writing sphere and get you some behind-the-scenes insight on what I’m working on. I’ve been a little distant, lately. With so many pans in the fire, one thing I really failed to do […]