Official Book Description Revealed: Blazebound #1

Official Book Description Revealed: Blazebound #1

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I am thrilled to announce the official book description for Blazebound #1.




Blazebound Epic #1


Secrets lie in the old castle’s ruins.

The voices, wafting through the overgrown forest, beckoning you closer.

The phantom deer, which fade to light as you reach them.

The hidden door, embedded with gold and jewels.

These ruins tell the story of the Blazebound—men who were blessed by the god Tangrinin to wield flame and give—or take—life.

It’s a power that decimated the world once, burning its people to ash, and it could happen again.

But one more secret lies in the ruins, and it would seem the source of all that power may not truly come from the gods.

A dark storm of destruction and death swirls in the north, ready to lay waste to the peaceful continent. The common people starve, victim to a bad harvest. The few in this world with magic ignore it all, preferring the overflowing ale and women in the capital.

In this old castle out here in the country—a mere forgotten relic of a lost era—the clock is ticking.

The question is, who will be blessed with the power now, in this era of looming war?

And, in the coming battles when a single magic user can shift the tides of victory, which side will that one man take?

Eager for the story to publish?

(I know I sure can’t wait.)

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