April Update | Boyce Nation 2020

Hey, boss!

The world’s a little bit on fire (just a bit, eh?) but we’re just going to ignore that for now and focus on what we can control.

Let’s talk progress.

March Progress

You’ll notice I didn’t post in March, and that’s because I was sick for about half of it. I couldn’t get tested for COVID-19 because here in Nevada, tests simply weren’t available. Four doctors told us no, and my poor hubby spent hours on the phone only to get hung up on in some cases.

That said, I spent a good bit of March doing nothing but sleeping and binge-watching Netflix.

I regret nothing.

In these trying times, we need to protect ourselves, and sometimes that means being gentle to ourselves instead of pushing through and burning out for the sake of “progress”.

I hope you’re doing the same and being kind to yourself in this era of, well, utter chaos.

That said, I won’t talk about Coronavirus much.

My goal is to give you an escape from it all, and I may well gloss over it entirely as I go forward with posts (both here and on social media). My aim is to give you a reprieve from the 24-7 over-stimulation you must be experiencing right now.

With that in mind, I’m behind on pretty much all of my deadlines… so we’re going to shift some goalposts today!

Wraithblade Saga

Wraithblade got a bit of a facelift. As I was writing, I got stuck around the midpoint and realized there was some bloat to cut. The re-done outline is gorgeous.

Seriously, I’m in love.

Thankfully, my intuition kicked in right where the changes to the outline needed to start. There’s a bit of rewriting I need to do in the 37ish chapters I’ve done so far, but not a ton.

It won’t be too difficult to fix it all and get us going in the right direction.

I think you’re going to be much happier with this new story line. I won’t go into the details on why I changed it because that would mean massive spoilers, and I’m not a total asshole.

That said, we’re probably going to see a slight delay on this one. You may be looking at June, but I’m still going to try to get it out to you in May.

We’ll see. More to come.

Tangrinin Epic Blazebound

Update #1: The name has changed. Y’all kept calling it the tangerine epic and it made me sad.

That said, it’s a completely fair mistake for you to make. The first time I accidentally typed “tangerine” instead of “tangrinin,” I realized I needed to change it.

Besides, I like Blazebound better.

Update #2: The outline is done and, may I add, looking glossy. Like, shiniest of the shiny.

Update #3: The editing team and I are up to chapter 6 on this one. The process is a little slower going, since my head is more deeply rooted in Wraithblade, but I think you will see the book this year. Hopefully this summer. I’ll keep you posted as I make progress.

Update #4: WE GOT THE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(long, dramatic drum roll)



It’s so pretty!

Parting Thoughts

I’m going to get mushy for a minute.

I adore you.

Seriously, adore you.

When you’re here, when you’re reading my books or my posts, I want to give you an escape. I want to make sure you feel seen, heard, and valued.

I want this site and any interactions with me to be pleasant ones. I want you to leave a little happier than when you came.

In the coming months, you’re going to see a facelift to my online presence.

That’s right… I’m going to leave my cave and squint as the light from that big bright shiny ball up there totally burns my skin.

If you have ideas for what you want to see from me, what kind of posts and behind-the-scenes looks will make you feel more connected to the creation of these books, leave a comment below.

More soon.

Stay safe.