“That’s not okay.”

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“That’s not okay.”

Those are three of the most powerful words in your vocabulary. I urge you to use them, even when you’re scared. Even when you’re not entirely sure of the consequence of speaking your mind.

Use those words.

Speak up.

Be brave.

Don’t lose hope… even one voice can start a ripple of thought that becomes a revolution powered by compassion and empathy.

That could be YOUR voice.

Remember that you matter. Your voice matters. You have strength. You’re not a flickering candle. You’re a fucking bonfire.

Be brave. Use those words.

“That’s not okay.”

If you speak up for love, compassion, and kindness — even once — you will make the most powerful difference in the world, in people, and most importantly in yourself.

Our Earth is massive, and it’s hard to believe a single person can make a difference. Today, over 137,000 people died all over the world. Many were murdered. Many were tortured. Some were even outright slaughtered.

On the other hand, over 7.5 billion people made it through the day. Many hugged their families, safe and happy. Many fell in love. Some had life-changing epiphanies that will make the world a bit better, happier, and kinder.

Today, here in the US, a lot went wrong. This weekend, there has been immense hatred right here on our soil, and there are those who are trying to use intimidation and outright murder to undo the acts of love and compassion that have have started to heal the wounds of racial and everyday injustice. It seems like a lot is going wrong in our country lately, and it makes me so sad that I cry for strangers thousands of miles away. I sob. I feel so deeply for their pain that I don’t know what to do.

So I write. It’s one thing I can always fall back to.

Though I absolutely value faith, more than prayers are needed right now. If you want to make a difference, and I mean really make a difference…

…I ask you to do two things:

1. Call out injustice wherever you see it, however small it may be, and be brave.

2. Act, and do so with compassion.

How you act is up to you. I won’t impart my bias by giving you a next step. You’re smart. You’re capable.

And most of all, I trust you to act with love.

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