Giveaway: 52 Things Boyce Loves – Week 26


52 Giveaway imageHey there, gorgeous!

Welcome to the 52 Things Boyce Loves giveaway series – where each week, I giveaway something that speaks to me. I wanted to do something fun to celebrate 2014 because this is already turning out to be an amazing year. I hope it’s bright and positive for you as well.

So here’s how it works: I list the thing I love, chat a bit about why I like it, and then I give it away! It’s a fun way to share the things I enjoy in life.

For the full schedule of all the giveaways (just for fun, since they only last a week) click the button below.

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Week 26: Secret Wonderland Lotion

What is it with me and lotion with magical names?

Secret Wonderland is probably my favorite scent of Bath & Bodyworks lotions. It’s soft and fruity with a hint of fairy dust. I love how invigorated and simultaneously calm it makes me feel.

Good luck!

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