To Each His Ghost - 1 - AriAri

To Each His Ghost #1

A Ghostly Paranormal Horror Novel

The moment Ari Bowers stepped inside the abandoned farmhouse on the outskirts of White Haven, Pennsylvania, she wanted to hightail it out of there like the ghost-fearing girl she was. Instead, she let her crush, Marcus Wagner, lead her into the shadows.


As she predicted, they ran out screaming. But something followed her home.

Since that night, Ari is haunted by something she can’t see. It watches her when she sleeps. It caresses her in the shower. It carves words into her skin and lives alongside her, never satisfied with her terror. It always wants more, and Ari begins to fear it will take her and her date back to the farmhouse… forever.

For Ari and Marcus, it’s not a matter of whether or not monsters are real; It’s a life-or-death race to figure out which one is out to drag their souls to hell.

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Editorial Reviews

“A haunting that sticks with you… The beginning gave me chills, the middle shocked me, and the end left me feeling haunted. Do yourself a favor and read this one when the sun is shining.”

 – Kristina Circelli, author of FOLLOW ME HOME

“A creeptasticly crafted ghost story with so many twists and stirred emotions you won’t know what to feel next, ARI takes the reader the last place you want to go–deep into a house of horror… thanks for the nightmares, Boyce!”

 – Patti Larsen, award-winning author of the World’s Best Story 2014

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