Guest Post at Dark Cargo

“The Realm of Writing”

December 2, 2011

“Quick, what’s the coolest thing you can think of?

“This post was written for those who shouted “Writers!” to their empty office so loudly that they spooked the fish in the tank one room over.

“Oh, was that oddly specific? I prefer to call that imagery, not stalking.

“Welcome to the realm of writing: where everything is fair game and no one can really agree on anything. It’s a fun adventure and the name of the game is getting published.

“I’m lucky enough to count myself among the published; my debut novel is The Grimoire: Lichgates and was published this last October as the first in my contemporary fantasy Grimoire Trilogy. It has been a wild ride that involved a lot of insomnia and Red Bull, but seeing my book inAmazon and Barnes & Noble searches made it all worth it. It was really crazy when I saw it in print. But oh man, when the reviews started rolling in, my head went fuzzy. Strangers were reading my work…and liking it.”

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